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The Hazeley School
The Hazeley School
The Hazeley School Music Department
This is the official NUMU page for the Hazeley School Music Department. We currently have two members of staff, myself and Mrs Weir.

We have 2 GCSE Classes at the moment and 4 AS Students but will be expanding next year, onwards and upwards. We will be offering the GCSE, BTEC Music aswell as the A Level in Music and AS in Music Technology.

**We would like to wish our current Year 11 Students the best of luck in their GCSE Exam**

We hope that you enjoy this page and continue to enjoy Music during your time at school.

As I get to grips with the NUMU website I will try and update as frequently as possible and provide a mixture of KS3, KS4 and KS5 work.

Adders :)